Homebuyers: Valuable Reminders from the National Post

07 April 2015

spring real estate marketGTA residents love real estate.  No matter what the rest of the economy does, it's a rare event when area housing prices are not setting new records and bidding wars are about as typical as tulips in spring.  

It's easy to get caught up in the desperation if you are a buyer.  But there are some things that every buyer--whether a first-timer or a real estate veteran--should always keep in mind.  For brief but very helpful list of cautions, I refer you to this terrific article from the Financial Post which is directed at millenials, but serves just as well to remind all homebuyers that your house is not all there is to life and that you need to make sure you still have leeway to enjoy living in it and sleep well.

So, make sure you do your homework before you leap into the fray that is our local housing market.  And, if you need help finding your dream home in King Township, Aurora or the surrounding area, I look forward to hearing from you via the contact information at the "Contact" tab, above!