Blog 5 Ways to Heighten Your Ceilings Without ConstructionEight-foot ceiling heights are common in older neighbourhoods with larger lots. How can sellers and buyers make the most of them?2019-03-10T18:52:00Z8e137735-f5fa-4d6c-ab46-700893bad77c "In the Know"How can you win as a buyer in this fast-moving sellers's market? It's all about preparation and information. Read on . . . . 2015-04-14T14:55:00Zfad24a9f-a3dd-413d-8519-dbcb7c277fd9 Valuable Reminders from the National PostGTA residents love real estate. No matter what the rest of the economy does, it's a rare event when area housing prices are not setting new records and bidding wars are about as typical as tulips in the spring. It's easy to get caught up in the desperation . . . .2015-04-07T20:54:00Zd4ab815d-f33f-48da-ad8f-fec44d9fdadc March Home Prices in a NutshellIt's spring in the GTA and one thing is more certain than death and taxes: real estate prices are up again!2015-03-29T00:03:00Z