In representing a Seller, Leslie has one overriding goal: to get the Seller the highest possible price and the best terms for his or her property. “I have a tendency to step into the shoes of any Seller and adopt his or her point of view—to think immediately what I would want from the sale if I were this Seller.”

Her background in renovating other homes for resale and keen aesthetic sensibility allows her to see the beauty and potential in any property, and to assist clients in best presenting and preparing their homes to market effectively.

Leslie is not a passive listing agent. When she takes a listing, she means to sell it and will use the most effective means of promoting your type of property to the right buyers. She is also known as a “communicator”—do not expect to list and hear nothing further while your home is on the market and having showings! In the spirit of stepping into the Seller’s own shoes, Leslie realizes that you want to hear about the showings that have taken place and any market changes, local or otherwise, that may affect your listing. She is never too busy to talk to you personally.

Sellers, hire an agent who knows your market. Click “Contact”, above, to discuss your plans and property--no strings attached.